Importing MetaMask wallet

I want to import my MetaMask wallet into a Trevor because I’m concerned about the possibility my seed phrase has been compromised or could be. However, I’ve read that my wallet will still be vulnerable even after I’ve imported it if the seed phrase was previously compromised. I thought that by importing it I would effectively transfer ownership of the MetaMask wallet to the Trezor and that this hardware wallet’s seed phrase would have full control of the one previously controlled by the MetaMask’s seed phrase, thereby making the old seed phrase for the MetaMask redundant. Can someone please confirm whether that is or isn’t the case? Could the original seed praise still be used to access the address? Thanks.y

that is right
If I were a hacker, I stole your MM seed with the virus Mars Stealer in advance. I can import 12 words into any wallet. Transfers can be made at any time.
Having a 12-word seed is equivalent to having an entire copy of your wallet.
If you import the seed into the trezor, then the trezor can send any asset in your MM. But if your MM’s seed is not replaced, MM can also control these assets at the same time. Hackers can also take control of these assets at the same time.
That’s why don’t import hot wallet seeds into trezor for use. Unless you are absolutely sure that your hot wallet seed is not exposed. But because it is a hot wallet, you can never be sure about it. You don’t even know if the person who installed your computer system has any backdoor.

Thanks for your reply @BtcLtc
So I guess I should assume that someone has obtained the seed phrase to my MM (whether they actually have or haven’t).
In that case, what can one do to ensure that going forward I and I only have control of the address on which the assets reside?

Use the trezor device to generate a new wallet, record the new seed phrases, and make sure that these seed phrases are not entered in any device except the trezor itself after they are generated.
Then send the assets in MM to the new address of the trezor wallet. Although there will be a transfer fee, this is the safest option.
Of course, there are safer ways, but you shouldn’t need them. It is strongly recommended to use the trezor with the suite.

Thanks again @BtcLtc
The only problem that leaves is that I’m staking STRONG so I’d need to transfer the account over.
Would it be safe to do that if I obtained a Trevor purely for that purpose and didn’t hold any other assets on it?
Or would the staking address still potentially be compromised?

i think it is this one