I'm having trouble finding my ETH address on MyEtherWallet

Hello friend, I have a problem finding my Trezor Wallet in my MyEtherWallet. What am I doing wrong?
I go through the pages and I can’t find the correct one that appears in Trezor.

Hi @olenkymorales2023,

most likely, the reason is that you did not enter the same passphrase in MEW as you entered in Trezor Suite. Please, keep in mind that if you want to access the same wallet (with the same addresses) the same public keys need to be exported. This means you need to use the same combination of recovery seed (that is stored in your Trezor - it will not be the problem) and passphrase (most likely the reason why you cannot see the same addresses).

Also, keep in mind that for ETH you need to select Ethereum derivation path and Ethereum network in MEW:

For ETC you need to select Ethereum Classic derivation path and Ethereum Classic network in MEW: