I want to know if they hacked me

where I point in the image there was a button and after sinking it asks me to authorize the access of the chrome application I don’t remember what the button said if someone has passed your help it would be very useful

Hi @povlare,

It looks like you’re using a Chrome extention of Trezor Connect which is old and succeded by Trezor Bridge. You should download and use the latest version of Trezor Bridge here or use Trezor Suite for desktop, which has Bridge included internally.

From the Web wallets and Trezor learn article:

The Trezor Chrome extension is now deprecated and works only with the Trezor Model One if you do not have Trezor Bridge installed. It is strongly recommended to use Trezor Bridge and Trezor Suite, as these are regularly updated.

Trezor Connect itself is legit. It’s an Open Source API which 3rd party developers can use to connect and work with your Trezor device.

On which website did you use your Trezor when you encountered this situation, and why do you think you were hacked?
Are any funds missing from your Trezor wallet?
Did you sign a Send transaction from your Trezor to an address you don’t recognize?

I can’t say if it’s probable you were hacked by the information you provide in your message above. Please provide more info about the situation.

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