I think I received a possible phishing email I'm concerned about

I’ve only been using my Trezor for several days. Then I received the following email (it wasn’t even to the email that I used when I ordered my Trezor).
Can anyone please advise? Is this real or phishing?

From: Trezor Support

[email protected]

Transaction signing error Case TZ32233284L notification.

Dear Trezor User,

We want to notify you about a critical issue related to your Trezor device. During our routine quality checks, we identified a problem in one of our recent firmware updates. Our team has taken swift action to address this situation, and a new, secure firmware update is now available.

We are migrating our users from the old server to a new server with Thales ProtectServer HSMs and FIDO Alliance secured Servers. To avoid losing funds please update your Trezor wallet to our new upgraded server.

Why this email?

This is a security feature that is meant to protect your device against physical attacks, for example if an attacker tried to install unofficial firmware on your Trezor device.

However, there is no need to worry. All you need to do now is run the recovery process using the link below. Please avoid conducting any transactions until your device has been updated.

(THIS WAS A LINK WITH THE WORDS Click here to run the process)

Please proceed this process only on a laptop or desktop computer.

Note : There is a high chance your tokens can end up stuck on our old network. This could mean that these are lost forever. Tokens that have failed the transition will not be safe and insured.

Kind regards,

SatoshiLabs Group Support Team

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Hi @pianomanpete,

This is definitely a phishing email. Make sure to never enter your recovery seed anywhere online and never digitalize it (do not take a photo of it or type it into the keyboard).

A good rule of thumb is that if somebody asks you for your recovery seed, it is a scammer who is trying to steal your funds.

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Thank you for your help @radekP
I appreciate it.