I Sent Vechain (VET) to my Trezor Wallet


Sorry for the inconvenience, but i just sent vechain tokens to my trezor wallet, which doesn’t support the token… Can you decline this transaction and return the funds to my exchange wallet ?


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Hi, First of all, it’s important to understand that Trezor company is not a bank or money transmitting institution, we do not make the payments, nor have we control over the transactions or your accounts. You are the only one who has control over your access information - private keys represented by your recovery seed.

VeChain did launch a new mainnet token that is no longer using ERC20 token standard. Unfortunately, VeChain team decided to use the same address format that is used by Ethereum and because of that users and 3rd party services can easily mistake the VeChain mainnet token address with Ethereum address.

Unfortunately, it is your case as well.Right now VeChain has two different tokens on two different network: VEN (the ERC20 token called “VeChain” on Ethereum network) and VET (the non-ERC20 coin called “VeChain Thor” with its own network).

I would suggest contacting VeChain token team regarding your issue since this issue was caused mainly by the fact that they are using same address format (ETH one) for their mainnet token.To sum it up, only ERC20 token can be used with Trezor device, not the mainnet token running on its own blockchain.

If they won’t be able to help there is also a chance to recover your coins but the process might include exposing your Trezor recovery seed which is definitely not recommended. Please do your own research to figure out the possibilities.

i had the same issue and its fixed , no one can decline the tranaction.

how you fixed it @makiswap ? I tried on BIP39 - Mnemonic Code but impossible to find my adress wallet…

oh , i tried solidity and BIP, can you wriet to my mail, i will sent the steps, i cant post my gdrive details here sorry.

write to Makiswap @asia.com


can you write a mail to [email protected]

i will sent you the elaborated steps, before that dowlaod solidity and node.js in your pc

Hello, I was attempting swap to VET and accidentally provided my ETH address. Trying to figure out if it’s possible to recover the sent tokens. Would appreciate any expert help on this. Thanks!