I sent Matic from My trezor to matic on eth network and it hasnt showed up in that wallet can I recover these Funds

I sent matic to a 3rd party wallet on the wrong network can I recover these fUNDS

you control the 3rd party wallet you sent to ?
you have the seed etc of the 3rd party wallet?

was the send to address 0xsomething ?

Need a lot more info I’m afraid.

Thanks for your response.The wallet is my exchage account wallet. Also i can see the transactions via my trezzor and the same transfer amount is reflected at the same adress and yes its an erc20 coin

Oh in that case no idea, depends how the exchange in question operates

Hello@cryptoj ,

If you send the Matic from your Trezor Ethereum account to the exchange, you should be able to see the funds in your exchange wallet. Did you copy the receiving address from the exchange that is also on Ethereum network?

I recommend getting in touch with the exchange support, they should be able to locate the funds if you provide them the transaction ID you have in Suite.