I send 100 000x Vechain WRONG!

Hello, I sent 100 000x vechain from Coinbase to the etherium ERC20, a place for generated vechain addresses. Is the tokens the possibility to get back ?: ((((

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Hi @mtura33,

I can confirm that Ethereum and VeChain addresses both uses the same format (start with 0x).

VeChain uses two tokens on two networks. VEN - ERC20 token on Ethereum network and VET - token on VeChain Thor network. Both networks use the same format of public keys. VeChain as ERC20 token is supported by Trezor devices and also in Trezor Suite. However, there is no integration between Trezor and the VeChain Thor network.

If you sent VeChain on the Thor network to your ETH address, you need to import your recovery seed to the VeChainThor mobile wallet.

Please keep in mind that by entering the recovery seed into the SW wallet you would digitize the seed and lose the main advantage of the HW wallet (the recovery seed will no longer be stored only offline in Trezor). This action is not recommended by us, please keep in mind that it is at your own risk. If you decide to do it, we recommend moving all other funds away from this wallet to a newly created wallet backed up by a new recovery seed.