I recieved two extra Trezor Model Ts in the mail

Hi, I ordered a Trezor Model T, but when I first ordered it the credit card payment didn’t go through, so I tried to order it 3 or 4 more times and my mom called her bank and one payment finally went through. We paid only once for a Trezor Model T. I received 3 in the mail. I got 2 extra ones in the mail. This appears to be a mistake and I do not want to pay for the 2 extra ones. How can I send these 2 extra Trezor Model Ts back to the Trezor company or vendor? Can I send them back to the return address that came with them in the mail? I have not opened them.

Thanks in advance.


please, open a support ticket here via chatbot in the lower right corner and provide the email you ordered with, our logistics agents will get in touch with you.