I need to test my recovery seed with shamirs secret sharing

I set up shamirs secret sharing and need to test the seed phrases, the test function on the device didn’t accept the first words. I know its correct for shamir as I have recovered it with 3 of them before. But I need to test all of them. Is there a way to do this without resetting the whole device ?


You can use the normal way to check your backup, even with Shamir.

(Note that you need start by selecting the correct number of words. The default size of a Shamir share is 20 words. If you select some other number of words, you might not be able to enter your words.)

Another issue is, if you have, e.g., a 3-of-5 Shamir backup, right now there is no way to test all the shares in one go – after you enter the first 3, the device will tell you that this is the right backup, and end the process.
You need to run the “Check backup” function again, but this time enter shares 3, 4, and 5. If both checks come out fine, that means that your backup is OK.

My first guess would be you selected the wrong number of words. But if you have another problem here, please provide more details.