I have 2 question about how to recover accounts

hello i just bought trezor T
i have 2 questions

  1. what happens if i lose access to the pc i downloaded trezor suite, can i just use my trezor T in another pc? my wallet will appear there too?

  2. what happens if i lose both my trezor T and the pc i originally installed trezor suite.

Hi @Alfredo,

  1. Yes, you can use your Trezor in another PC and your wallet will appear there too. You’d just have to enable the same coins as you had in your wallet before and the newly installed Trezor suite will do a Discovery process on the blockchains for these coins and display them in your wallet.

  2. Nothing happens to your funds. So long as you keep the Recovery seed safe you can always recover your coins. Your Recovery seed is the 12 english words you wrote down during the Backup process when you first setup yout Trezor T. So the process to get access to your coins again in this scenario would be similar to pt. 1 above, except that you’d had to buy a new Trezor T too.
    But while you’re without a Trezor device you cannot do any transactions with your wallet, so I recommend buying another Trezor now, as a backup device, in case you lose your other device - if you’re dependent on using Trezor every day. A new Trezor may take some time to reach you after you’ve ordered it.

Your funds are not stored in your Trezor, but in the blockchains for the coins. Your Trezor is simply your key to access the funds in the blockchains. Therefore you can lose your PC, Trezor and Trezor suite without losing your coins, so long as you have your Recovery seed written down on a Recovery card (and any Passphrases for Hidden wallets, if you use them).

oh ok i think i now get it, my recovery seed is 100% unique then, its like my password to access my wallet

Yes, kind of. It’s the key used to access your funds on the blockchains. I hope you have written it down and keep it safe. Don’t tell anyone what it is, even “helpful” people online who say they’ll help you. They’re scammers and will empty your funds with your Recovery seed.

Example of a Recovery seed card:

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hmmm sorry i have to ask hehe…
what do you mean by kind of? i assumed the recovery seed is unique so no one can have the same recovery seed to access their wallets

Yes, your Recovery seed is unique but you don’t use it to directly access your wallet. It’s usually stored in a safe place until you really need it.

Your wallet is a listing of your funds in the blockchains, done by the Discovery procedure. You don’t need your Recovery seed at hand to access your wallet in everyday operations. When you connect your Trezor device, you only need your PIN (if used) to logon and a Passphrase (if you’re accessing a Hidden wallet). Inside your device is a generated Private key, derived from your Recovery seed, which is used to access your funds in the blockchains.

The Recovery seed is needed only if you need to restore your wallet because you’ve lost or damaged your Trezor device, thereby losing your key to access your funds in the blockchains. If you then acquire a new Trezor device, you can recreate the exact same keys again.

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