I forgot my Pin and I'm afraid of losing all my savings

Good morning, after years without using my trezor one, I try to go in to see my wallet and none of the PIN that I put is correct. I have the 24 words but I haven’t been able to verify them because I need a PIN to do it.

Is there any way to check that my 24 words are correct before whitewashing my PIN? I’m afraid of losing the savings of my whole life.

Thank you very much for your help.


Thank you very much for your reply, Doge.

I have BTC.

What I don’t understand is the part of putting my seed for example on Binance. What would be the connection between my 24 words and the Binance wallet?

What is the seed?

I am an old man and ignorant of technology, I must be misunderstanding something.

Binance is an exchange. Don’t put the seeds anywhere near binance.
seeds belong to wallets, self custodial wallets, you need to understand what you are doing.
Read the learn section on Trezor’s website.

until you understand this more, I’d probably not do anything else, as you may lose your funds.
Probably disregard my previous message, since I don’t think your knowledge is good enough to pull it off.

Ok. Thank you again. You’re right, maybe I could start by learning what is a seed.

In the meantime, the alternative of buying a new trezor one and trying my 24 words there seems like a safe alternative, doesn’t it?

@jalonso14 Is your issue resolved? If you forgot your PIN that’s not a big deal if you have the seed phrase also called recovery seed. If you also used the hidden wallet feature you will also need the password if you set one for your wallet.

With the seed phrase and password (if you used one) you can recover that wallet even on the same device with factory reset. But only do this if you have the seed phrase (the 12 or 24 word list).

And never ever share this seed phrase with anyone, never backup it on any device and never ever put this online to any exchange or service. You need to back this up offline on a piece of paper or better yet punching it in a metal sheet.

There are great backup solutions for the seed phrase like Cryptotag Zeus → trezor.io/accessories/cryptotag-zeus or Trezor Keep Metal (keep in mind that this backup solution only supports 12 words) → trezor.io/trezor-keep-metal


This would be impossible to check on the same device. You can’t check the seed phrase on it without the PIN.

The good news: However you can recover your wallet to another wallet either software wallet or another hardware wallet to check if the recovery is possible. I would understand and presume that you will not want to buy another hardware wallet to check this, so you can use a spare computer download a software wallet and recover it to check if the seed phrase is correct. My advice would be to use a computer that is very secure and offline (not connected to the internet) and after checking that you can recover the wallet to delete the software wallet from that computer to be sure.

But to be very secure it’s better to buy another hardware wallet because I assume you’re also managing a large sum of money and it’s always good to have a backup or split your assets.

I agree with this

For the sake of a couple of hundred dollars purchase another hardware wallet
direct from the manufacturer

and then try and restore your seed in the new hard wallet

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