I dont't see bnb in Trezor

  1. I have send BNB from Trust Wallet toTrezor One (Ethereum Adress)
    2- I have paired Metamask with Trezor
  2. In metamask, account Trezor 1, i see the BNB but don’t see in Trezor Suite
  3. I have send 0,50 BNB from Metamask (Trezor 1) to another wallet: all OK
  4. but i don’t see bnb in Trezor Suite

Hi @ofacchini,

You probably transferred the BNB as BEP-20 tokens with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.
Although your Trezor device support it, Trezor Suite doesn’t, so you have to use Metamask to see and interact with the BNB.

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