I don't understand "Bump" and transaction is pending

Hello everyone

First, sorry for my english, is not my language

3 days ago I made a transfer of €0.50 in BTC from my Trezor wallet to another hidden Trezor wallet (the one with passphrase) to do the test but I set the fees to the lowest, the transaction is still “not-confirmed”

So this time I sent €7k in BTC to my hidden wallet (passphrase) with the normal fees I saw that we can “bump”, i.e. increase the costs to get the transaction through When I click on the 1st transaction to increase the fees, this is the sentence

“This operation will remove the following transactions from the mempool” “Chained transactions are created from the output of this initial transaction”

And that links me on the second transaction When I try to bump directly on the second transac, it doesn’t show me this

anyone to help me? I’m afraid of doing something stupid

what happens to the 2nd transaction if I “bump” the 1st?

is the 2nd one will simply cancel and return to my wallet?

what happens if I bump only the 2nd?

Thank you

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