I coinjoined my BTC using Trezor Suite

  1. Is it possible to view my CoinJoin balance on the public blockchain? It doesn’t seem to have an XPUB.
  2. I understand that if someone has my 12 word seed, that they can rebuild my wallet on any compatible hot/cold wallet and steal my funds. But if I have a passphrase as well - would they also require a Trezor hardware wallet to access my hidden account? Or do other wallets support PASSPHRASE too, and the thief could restore to one of those wallets?

Hi @alotanor,

Please, find answers to your questions below:

  1. Yes, it is possible to see the conjoined coins on the blockchain as every transaction can be seen there. However, if you set your privacy to some reasonable number (let’s say 8), it is not possible to determine from which addresses these coins are from. I can recommend reading these articles on coinjoin where you can find further information:
  1. Passphrase is like the 13th word in this case. If attackers have it (together with your recovery seed), they can steal your funds by “cloning” your wallet with all your private keys and they do not need to have access to your physical Trezor wallet. That is the reason why passphrase and recovery seed should not be stored together but separately

My Q1 it still remains unanswered. Let me clarify…
So here’s my objective.
To get my CoinJoin balance from its XPUB located in my Hidden Passphrase account, to appear in my Trezor App like this

Is that do-able? Where can I find the XPUB for my CJ account in Trezor Suite? So I can then plug it into the URL xxxx://btc1.trezor.io/xpub/XXXXX and view my balance like a regular acct with an XPUB I can easily view on my Trz Suite.

No, Xpub for CJ account is not available for security reasons.

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