I can't find my trezor hardware wallet in Ronin account (T-T)

Back when I use Ronin wallet first time and connect the trezor wallet it didn’t ask me to input the pass phrase, so at that time I can play axie and login using password as usually. But today I have issue login to the axie marketplace, so I ask people at the axie discord group on how to solve it and they told me to remove ronin chrome extension and re-install it back. So I do it as they advice. After that I can login to the ronin account normally, but the problem is when I click connect hardware wallet. It asking me to fill the pass phrase. But I didn’t know the pass phrase because I didn’t set it up. So I try to login the axie marketplace id using email and it can login normally, but I can’t access to the ronin wallet. It keep generating the new hardware wallet for me. Can anyone help me please.
Thank you.

Hi @fenixniki,

If you don’t use a passphrase then try to enter it blank when they ask for it. This is how it works on Trezor connect anyway, but I don’t know if it’s the same on a Ronin account.

Hi @Petosiris ,
Yes I try this method already, It also generating the new address for me to choose. My axie are still in the ronin address, but I have a problem to access to that address. I don’t know it trezor problem or ronin problem. Anyway thank you for replying me🙏🏻.

No problem. If I were you I’d try to contact Ronin support about this. Good luck!

That passphrase would be connected to a Hidden Wallet if you have created one.

If you are just using a standard digital wallet on the Trezor then you shouldn’t have to worry about a passphrase. Do you know what way you set-up your Trezor Wallet during the initial set-up?

Ok I find out now. Base on your suggestion, I think that what if I really type passphrase but forgot it. Then I try every passphrase I remember and finally can access to the account. Thank you everyone🤝🏻

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Great! Now write down your passphrases on paper so you don’t forget them all. There are a lot with Digital asset security. Hahah