I cannot transact my invalid trezor PIN metamask

Recently there was an update and when making a transaction of my funds in my metamask account in my Trezor for some reason it tells me that my PIN is not valid (I am sure that the PIN is 100% correct). I tried it several times and the login delay time keeps increasing (now I am more than 2000 seconds) but it keeps telling me that it is not valid when I know that it is the correct PIN. I know that I have the option to use my initial phrase to restore the wallet, but I hesitate to do this as I have two metamask wallets linked with trezor to protect my funds (which seems risky because it is already having PIN problems and I am very worried of losing all my funds that are saving all this time).

I am trying to contact support but I have had no luck so that they can guide me and retrieve a new pin key to access my metamask funds. I hope you can help me, thank you very much

@manuelmendez2112 Trezor does not require PIN to sign transaction, PIN is only used to physically unlock device when connecting.

If you PIN is wrong, you have to reset it by wiping the device and performing recovery, there is no other way.

As long as you have correct seed (and passphrase) you will enter the same MM accounts.

then my metamask funds are not in danger right, because when I configure those metamask wallets I import it from the same trezor thank you very much for helping me

hello @forgi forgy I already did all those steps but when I want to make a transaction from my metamask it does not allow it and the page freezes. I would like to contact you so that you can help me if you have experience trying to communicate with trezor support but there is no answer. Can you tell me if you can help me, I would pay your advice.

I suggest you post a screenshot of your process in the post. Addresses can be blacked out.