I cannot see my funds from the AVAX network

I had all my funds on a “Trezor Secured” Metamask address, until my HDD broke. When I got a new HDD and installed Metamask, I did the following:

  1. Pasted the Metamask seedphrase -) I could not see any funds on ETH and AVAX network, so I connected my Trezor.

  2. I searched a bit and founded “Trezor 15” adress with all my ETH funds.

  3. I then switched to the AVAX network, but none of the importable addressees, and the “Trezor 15” itself contained my AVAX funds.

  4. I looked on the AVAX explorer for all importable addressees, up until about Trezor 30 or so, but I could not see my funds on any of them.

I remember that I might have renamed it from Trezor [insert number) to something, so it might be there somewhere theoretically, but I doubt it.

Could you advise me on a next possible step? I would rather not use my Trezor seed phrase at this point of time, as by doing so I will compromise the security of my Trezor secured assets. Also, I have no idea how could I possibly recover those assets, when Trezor seed phrase is 24 words long and Metamask is 12, so I would definitely need help there.


Once you initialize MetaMask wallet, there is a default account created (the red one in the picture). If you wish to use it, then you need to keep your MetaMask seed phrase to recover and access this account whenever needed. This account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts (the yellow and the blue one in the picture). The same accounts are generated in MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are Trezor generated accounts and can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed.

Basically, the explanation of your issue is that the particular address (account) you refer to is not part of your (current) Trezor Wallet. Even though Trezor is not connected, in MetaMask you can still see;

  1. your default MetaMask account,
  2. also your previously used Trezor generated wallet(s) with different seed(s),
  3. and also your Trezor generated wallet(s) with passphrase(s)

All three wallets mentioned (1, 2, 3) would differ from your currently used Trezor Wallet. Only the first MetaMask account (1) you can use without your Trezor because it’s independent on Trezor completely.

However, as for other accounts (2, 3) you may see, the related Trezor wallet must be connected (either with the appropriate seed and/or with the appropriate passphrase). Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to sign any transactions within these accounts due to missing the appropriate private key stored on Trezor. And that’s when it gets frozen.

I have a similar problem, I have an old ledger on metamask and wanted to upgrade it to the new trezor. I was hoping my farms would recognize the same address since the same metamask seed but it didn’t. I put in the same metamask seed to the new trezor that I was currently using on the ledger. The trezor was recognized and both ledger and trezor reflected on metamask below the account 1. The set up of the trezor was 2nd option because the 1st was grayed out. I had 10 AVAX on the ledger and moved it to the trezor hoping to move forward with the trezor. I then removed metamask from brave and reinstalled becuase my farms would not recognize the trezor address and continued to only recognize the ledger address. I am able to recover my ledger but I can’t get metamask to pull the same seed that was exactly assigned to the metamask trezor. I went to snowtrace and I can see the funds in the address that I sent the 10 AVAX to but I have no way of getting metamask to recognize that address. There was never a trezor seed because it was new and connected to metamask seed. How do I get metamask to recognize the trezor account that is reflecting as funds on snowtrace? Or basically, How do I recover the funds?

if you used MM seed then it is MM address, not Trezor