I cannot find my coins on my Trezor One device

I haven’t used my wallet for months and when I opened it yesterday my assets were no longer located.

All I did was upgrade the trezor software to the latest version. I ran a backup and validated my device.

Has anybody got any ideas how to locate my coins.

Hi @Casson,

To help us better understand the issue, please provide us with more information:

  1. Can you see the transaction history when you connect your Trezor device and open Trezor Suite desktop app?

  2. Is there a transaction you do not recognize that caused the balance to be incorrect?

  3. Do you use the passphrase feature?

  4. Are you sure you are checking the correct wallet (using the right passphrase for the wallet with your funds)?

  5. What cryptocurrency are you missing?

  6. Is it possible that you performed firmware update recently?

  7. Can you please check that recovery seed stored in your Trezor matches your recovery seed backup? You can find information on how to perform this test here:

for Trezor Model One: https://trezor.io/learn/a/test-recovery-seed-on-trezor-model-one
for Trezor Model T: https://trezor.io/learn/a/test-recovery-seed-on-trezor-model-t