Https:// <- hacked site ! BEWARE!

Guys ! there is this
site where I was scammed !
be aware of the issue !!! be care using your trezor !

Trezor ! you need to figure out how to get this link down with google and bing ! it is out there
make your brand and your customer loosing their properties !!! HELP !!!

Guys I got hacked and lost some BTC yesterday , I was trying to setup my trezor on the new pc
and I was trying to go to the image , however when you type that in the google search the sponsored link is actually an hacked link - image !!! be aware ! they used the site to replicate the setup process
and will ask for your seed and thats where I got messed up , i know I am stupid, but they make it so real that you can’t really tell as a first time btc holder. BE AWARE I really hate to see this happen to anyone!
GOOGLE AND BING ! you guys need to remove these hacked sponsor link !! TREZOR YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS !

I am sorry to hear about your loss @Jackson_Kuo
It’s really hard to fight the phishing attacks as this is not a direct attack on our site or device but a 3rd party site that is completely independent of our site or service. Because of that we have very limited options in terms of blocking or deleting such sites, even though we do report such pages and we proactively cooperate with Google that is, unfortunately, providing an opportunity to promote these phishing sites despite the fact that we keep reporting them repeatedly. It would be great if you could report the phishing site as well so Google knows that these sites are actually stealing people’s money. Here you can find the report form: Report a Phishing Page

Amongst monitoring and reporting phishing sites to Google, we take action to prevent such attack from affecting our users such as informing our users about such attack and providing security guidance:

We also added multiple anti-phishing provisions to the on-boarding of each user such as suggesting to create a bookmark in your browser to enable easy access to the Trezor Wallet interface. By creating a bookmark, you will be able to avoid unnecessary googling and distractions trying to get you to a fraudulent site. We are also still exploring other options as we do take this issue very seriously.

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this is the btc hacker’s address : bc1q3duy75e3r3jlj5vs7tksdg9w2ew4vpqxf0qf56

this is the btc address of the image
where I was hacked yesterday ! is there anyway we can recover it I know its a long shot but any advise would help.
but more importantly is to warn everyone to be careful ! I know I shouldn’t have trusted my browser , but I know I made a huge mistake.

Dear MichaelZ

I think the easiest way is to allow access ONLY through Trezor Suite. that is the only way you can lock out these issues, once for all. and make on your front page that TREZOR will NEVER ask for the SEED unless on your TREZOR .

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Unfortunately, by the nature of cryptocurrencies, the once confirmed transaction cannot be reverted anyhow.

Also thank you for your input however some users still do prefer to access their funds via web wallet interface, for those who don’t prefer that option there is Trezor Suite desktop app.

We are transparent and we warn about the danger of your seed being compromised in the onboarding process (see picture below)