How to verify the authenticity of trezor Model T hardware?

How to verify the authenticity of trezor Model T hardware? Will there be a prompt when installing the official firmware?

Hi @BullishGo, there are security checks that help you verify whether your device is safe to use:

  1. All Trezor devices are distributed without a firmware software, so you need to install it for your first use. If there is a firmware installed already, then that means that someone used this device before you.
  2. The bootloader verifies the firmware signature each time you connect your Trezor to a computer. You can connect to Trezor Wallet only if the firmware is correctly signed by SatoshiLabs. If there was an unofficial firmware installed, your device would flash a warning sign on its screen upon connecting it to a computer.
  3. Because the recovery seed is generated by you during the Trezor setup, you can be sure you are the first and only owner of your private keys.

If the received device has been modified, but there is no firmware installed, how to identify it?

Every Trezor is shipped without a firmware. However, you cannot connect to Trezor Suite unless the firmware is signed by SatoshiLabs.
Also, the product has to be wrapped in a shrink foil and a hologram seal has to be present and intact. Trezor Model T has the seal over the USB cord, while Trezor One has seals on the packaging. The packaging should, therefore, give you the first red flags.

I am The outer packaging box received by trezor Model T purchased is different from that shown in the link you provided. Is it true that the outer packaging and the side bar code are not that long?截屏2021-11-05 17.53.27

I can confirm that such bar code is legit. We will update the photo documentation soon.