How to Use MetaMask + Trezor Suite To Store ICP (Internet Computer?)

title says it all, how do I store my ICP tokens using trezor suite/Trezor one and Metamask?

Hi @DBKBlock

ICP is not supported by firmware of any Trezor model and we are not planning to implement it in any foreseeable future.

Thank you for understanding.

I don’t understand, that seems ridiculous, but ok lol.

You don’t support it and have no plans to support it? Why? It will be a top 10 coin in less than a year.

Please note that Trezor is bitcoin first company focusing mainly on privacy and security. That’s why we concentrate on creating as secure and user friendly devices as possible as well as delivering software features such as e.g. native TOR implementation, CoinJoin, Coin Control…

Of course that we are also listening to our customers and we want to implement the support of the network/coin that our users are demanding and we believe that it is of some use.
(note: market capitalisation is not the best indicator of usability, I would rather focus on white paper and real use cases).

But most improtantly, integrating the new coin/network is not an easy and short task. It requires a lot of development resources, building and running stable and secure infrastructure as well as research, ux design, QA and so on… plus of course it takes up additional device memory space which is not infinite.

And once you implement new coin/network it is not over, in fact it is just a beginning you have to commit your resources to maintaining it, implement all potential changes, improvement proposals and so on…
It is again, time and money consuming.

What else is worth mentioning is that Trezor is completely self-funded without any VC so it can follow its own principles and code of ethics and focus on a mission that is strengthening the power and independence of an individual.

It will be a top 10 coin in less than a year.

That is pure speculation :slight_smile: but who are we to know… let’s see in one year.

It’s #16 right now, that’s not high enough to be recognized by Trezor?