How To Unlink / Move Trezor to Other MM Wallets Address?

Hi I want to unlink my main wallet from trezor, ( Or Move It )
for Example I have 3 Wallet,
Wallet 1 ( trezor )
wallet 2 ( normal )
wallet 3 ( normal )

can I move the trezor protection to 2nd wallet? so my 1st wallet is just gonna go back to normal wallet?

because I have a mint in the next 6 hours
and Right Now I cannot sign any contract on Mint web, Opensea, or any other stuff to be honest, cannot sign any new contract,

my previous example was roborovski, I have a Whitelist here, but because of this issues,
my whitelist was wasted, I cannot mint yesterday, keep showing error

please help, any tips or trick on how to fix this issues would help

but please help meeee, I’m desperate really need help here,
whatever it is please post your suggestion,

whether its unlink trezor, move trezor protection or any other way
so I’m able to mint tonight thank you

Hi @x_jubei

Since your question has already been answered in the other thread, I will be closing this thread now.