How to transfer FTM tokens


I have setup my Trezor carefully following the Trezor’s instructions, but I can’t figure out the proper way to transfer FTM tokens into it. I’ve read as many articles as I can and posts on this forum and I’m still not sure of what I’m doing.

I have FTM tokens on that I would very much like to store in my new Trezor T device. gives me the option to execute the transaction using either ERC/ERC20 or FTM chain.

ERC20 chain costs me 22 FTM tokens while FTM costs 1 FTM.

My questions are:

Can I select FTM chain to do the transfer to my Trezor T device?

Can I only transfer tokens into Trezor using ERC20 chain? Is there any other chain that is cheaper and I can use on Trezor T? ERC20 chain is extremely expensive compare to other chains.

For the purpose of this thread, I’m going to assume that I can only use ERC20 on Trezor. If so, when I go to add a token on my Trezor Suite, ( I thought I had to select FTM as a token ) but no, it is asking for an address? Which address is this? because every address I put in it tells me invalid address.

There are a lot of posts of people losing tokens and coins because they didn’t do the transfer correctly so I’m hoping not to be another statistic!

Newbie here, so please bear with me and explain it like you would to a 5yr old.

Thank you all.

no ,trezor does not support this chain

also can use BSC chain

find the token in here
and use it’s contract address

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I was able to add the FTM token to my Trezor and now I can generate an ECR20 address where I can receive FTM tokens from gateio into my Trezor, as long as I use the ERC20 chain.

Again, thank you very much for your time. I would not have been able to figure out on my own which address to use when adding a Token.

@gustavo for ERC20, use your ETH receive address.

You can also use FTM chain, but only when you pair Trezor with Metamask and then add custom chain via, search for FTM and add to MM. Then you can receive your tokens there, but you will only see them in MM not in Suite.

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