How to store Shamir passphrase hard copy

Hello I have shamir passphrases with my Trezor T. Some words are not on the BIP39 list & I have cryptotag devices but am not sure how to safely save since some words arent in the list. Can someone please help.

write it down or use an offline device to set a cd for it

Hi @biggiant55
For Shamir backup there is a different word list, available here: slips/wordlist.txt at master · satoshilabs/slips · GitHub

What cryptotag do you use? As far as I know there are no cryptotags designed specifically for Shamir backup however theoretically you can still use them but you have to use only 20-word shares (not 33) as limit on cryptotag plates is 24 words.
So you would have to use one plate per share.
How practical this solution is I leave to you.