How to send Theta Token from Theta Wallet to Trezor Model T

I tried to send Theta Token out of the Theta Wallet to Trezor Model T - Etherum address but they are duplicate addresses ( send from Theta to receive in Trezor are same address) & it will not allow. How do I transfer my Tokens to Model T?


you can’t sent Theta directly to your Trezor T as we don’t support Theta. Thank you for understanding.

Others say “The THETA Wallet has to be placed within a TREZOR subfolder… THETA has a troubleshooting message board” Please explain how to do this whether it is on the Trezor suite desktop or hardware wallet. This link doesn’t help: Theta Web Wallet adds support for Ledger/Trezor hardware wallets | by Theta Labs | Theta Network | Medium

I believe the link explains it quite well. You only need to access Theta wallet, connect your Trezor and select an account you with to use to receive and send your THETA. Just note you will always need to manage your THETA using the Theta wallet. You won’t see your THETA tokens in your Trezor Wallet.

Please keep in mind that we neither develop nor maintain third-party software. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

I had no problem setting up a Theta Wallet and receiving tokens & T Fuel or connecting it to my Trezor T. The problem is in sending the Theta Tokens to my hardware wallet. Theta send address is the same as the Etherum address in Trezor T hardware wallet and it will not allow it. What is the problem? I need a solution. TY

As I mentioned, Theta wallet connected to your Trezor device serves you as a receiving wallet as well. You can’t send Theta directly to Trezor Wallet as it is not supported. Your coins are safe in a Theta wallet as the private keys for it are stored in your Trezor. So to sum it up, you hold your private keys in your Trezor and you send / receive Theta tokens in Theta wallet. Hopefully I understood your issue well.

THETA is no longer ERC20, they moved to their own chain a bit ago. There’s old information floating around on the web saying it’s ERC20, but this is no longer the case. This is why you must use the THETA wallet. I found out about this when I tried to transfer THETA to Metamask, had to get help from the THETA team (very helpful) to rescue it!

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Hello. I used my Trezor 1 as the hardware device option when creating my Theta Main Net wallet. When I try to send Theta to another Theta wallet or exchange using Trezor to unlock, a screen comes up asking if I want to export private keys to Ethereum network. I know Theta no longer supports the ETH network, but, there is no other option offered so I say “yes”. But when Theta wallet asks to confirm on my Trezor device, there is no confirmation Y/N as per usual on Trezor screen. Just the padlock icon. Firmware is up to date.
1- Is there a way to export my private keys
2- Is it possible to do transactions without using Trezor Suite as that is when I started having issues.

Hi @cryptrob2021, Theta team is still working on a fix, please read their statement posted on Twitter:
Trezor is designed to never show the private keys to anyone, but there are tools that can extract the keys from a recovery seed. However, I am not able to suggest those, as it requires to expose your recovery seed. Please do a thorough research beforehand, if you decide to go this way.