How to send BTC from BTC Legacy Account


I owned a lil BTC for quite some while, now I am gettin back into it. Last year I sent to the exact same account on my wallet. And everything went quite well. Now I sent some again, but it doesn’t arrive and even kraken won’t accept the address.

I now tried to send BTC from that account to another - it won’t let me. The review and send button doesn’t turn green.
Is there a way to send BTC from Legacy Account to another account?

Every answer is highly appreciated as there is quite some money on it…

Thanks Bernd

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Hi @outofthesky,

General information on how to send cryptocurrencies in Trezor Suite can be found at

If you followed this manual and still cannot send the funds our from your account, please provide us with information if you can see any error message in Trezor Suite (feel free to attach a screenshot of what you see there).

I can confirm that it is possible to send BTC from any type of account to any other type of account without any problems.

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