How to send AVAX form Binance to Trezor One?

I have added other coins so far, but this is the first time I want to transfer AVAX. There are two networks to choose from - BSC and simply AVAX. Which network should I choose to make sure I receive them?


both networks you have mentioned (BSC and AVAX) are supported by firmware of all Trezor models.

That means that you can sent the assets to the address that si generated by Trezor - such address is derived from the private key that is always securely stored offline, on the device and never leaves it.

However none of these networks is supported ‘natively’ in Trezor Suite interface. That’s why you have to connect your Trezor to third party wallet such as MetaMask (there is actually many more out there) that allows you to access such network.
Because of what was mentioned in the first paragraph, this is absolutely safe as your private keys never leaves the device.

Please note that both BSC and Avalanche are EVM compatible networks.
Now, an EVM-compatible deposit address is a crypto address that shares the format required by the EVM. And since these compatible addresses share the same format by design, you can interact with EVM-compatible networks using the same address.

In other words:
In order to receive funds on any EVM compatible chain (BSC and AVAX included) you can use regular ETH address generated on your Trezor - in Trezor Suite (or third party wallet with Trezor connected to it).
In order to access (and send) funds on any EVM compatible chain (BSC and AVAX included) you have to use compatible third party wallet (such as MetaMask) with Trezor connected to it.

See also following video where the whole thing is explained:

Thank you very much. So if I just want to transfer to Trezor and hold, I don’t need Metamask and other wallets, unless I want to do something else with the coins.

yes that’s correct!

Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to see your funds in Trezor Suite (e.g. it won’t reflect in your account and total balance).
But you can still conveniently check your balance and TX history if you paste your address to any desired blockchain explorer such as for example

Hi if I go to bscscan and paste my trezor wallet eth address it should show the eth tokens I hold? Is that right?

Can I send Avax directly from binance to the trezor wallet eth address. And as long as my meta wallet is connected to trezor I will see the avax balance appear in Meta Mask Wallet, is that right?

Also I have an issue with my trezor suite it won’t show the fiat values of my tokens, so by connecting meta mask it will allow me to see this. Is that right?