How to see total balance of ERC20 tokens Trezor Suite's Dashboard?

Hi, in the past trezor suite desktop used to show me the total balance of all my ERC20 tokens in the dashboard. Now since one of the latest updates it only shows ethereum+bitcoin and it ignores all the tokens. Even though it says “tokens are included in the balance”, it is not true, they are not included.

For example, before if i had theoretically eth for a value of $10 + another $10 worth of USDT, it would show me a total balance of $20. But now it only shows $10. It is annoying because i need to dig really deep into the wallets to figure out how much i actually have.

Is there any way get it to show the total balance again?

Edit: Please answer only in this thread, don’t send me PM about it. I am already getting scammy PMs in my inbox.