How to prevent if the Trezor release new firmware update to steal Bitcoin


For example, Trezor captured by regulator and regulator wanna confiscate all people Bitcoin.
They will release a new firmware update to steal all people Bitcoin.
How to prevent that? Use 2 Trezor?


Hi @EricTan

Please note that Trezor check for the authenticity of the firmware each time it is connected.

On your Trezor device there is bootloader - a simple program designed to install, update, and check the firmware loaded on the Trezor device.
The bootloader checks the integrity and signatures of the firmware and runs it if everything is OK. This examination occurs every time you power the device.

So if there would be malicious firmware installed you would be notified.

Also keep in mind that you can recover your wallet anytime on any hot or cold wallet that supports BIP39.

I don’t think you understand my concern.
I mean Government can capture Trezor and force them to release a new firmware update to confiscate people Bitcoin. How to prevent that?

First of all, it’s important to understand that Trezor company is not a bank or money transmitting institution, we do not make the payments, nor have we control over the transactions or your accounts. You are the only one who has control over your access information - the private keys represented by your recovery seed.

With regard to the above mentioned, we have no information about the access logs of your account, the IP addresses or any user data.

Also, we don’t have any information about the owner of the addresses where the funds were sent to since this is not publicly available info, we can only see the trace of the fund from the public blockchain, same as everyone else. Without additional identifying details, the ownership of the address cannot be determined.

It is crucial for you to understand that the recovery seed is an express pass to all of your accounts. Also, we do not store any information about the seeds or activity of our users. In other words, the responsibility to keep your recovery seed safe, isolated and never exposed online (especially in the direct order) falls exclusively and entirely on the individual users.

As long as you keep your recovery seed safe your bitcoin will be safe as well.

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