How to get second Ethereum address in Trezor wallet account

I need to to know, how to get second (and more) Ether receiving address in a Trezor Ethereum account.

According to this Trezor Blog post, you can have multiple addresses in an Ethereum account.

See image from the post below:

According to this trezor blog post:

Receiving funds

Select the Receive tab to get your first receiving address . . . . . ____ means you will / can get a second or fresh receiving address, when required (I guess)


if you use Trezor Suite:

  1. Navigate to Accounts tab from the upper menu
  2. Click on the plus [+] symbol on the left pane
  3. Choose Ethereum from the list, confirm the selection by clicking on ‘Add account’
  4. See your Ethereum account listed on the left pane

If you use Trezor Wallet:

Just to note, each ETH account has only one receiving address. To generate new receiving address you need to add new account.

I’m using the latest version (Version 21.8.1 ( but I can’t a way to add new ETH address

Hm. That was strange. :thinking: Try Trezor Suite for desktop or web, please?

You can add new ETH account in Trezor Suite only if the previous one has been used (there is some transaction history).

hi, i have funds in my 10th Eth wallet. and i am unable to add more than two. where can i find my funds. plz help