How to get and see the main address of my BTC wallet?

Hello to everybody, may somebody help me how to get and see the main address of my BTC wallet?


There are four types of bitcoin accounts in Trezor Suite:
Please see:

How the account can be added is described over here:

And the whole Suite manual can be found over here:

If you’d have any additional questions do not hesitate to ask.

Michal, thank you for your answer. I need to clarify my question.
I need to send an X amount of BTC. Prior to doing so, the receiver wants to know the sender’s address (my BTC address). How can I know what is my address (the sender)? Or maybe the MAIN BTC address connected to my wallet. Thank you in advance for your help.

That depends on how many addresses you have previously used (you received bitcoin on) in the account that you want to spend from.

If you have only one used receiving address it will be also you next spending address.

If you have used more receiving addresses then the addresses the sum of whose balances is closest to what you want to spend will be used.

Alternatively you can use CoinControl feature in the Electrum wallet in order to select which addresses you want to spend from.