How to extract "xpub key for derivation path m/44'/60'/0'/0" ethereum


I want to safely extract the first 1000 Ethereum addresses from my Trezor T. How to extract “xpub key for derivation path m/44’/60’/0’/0” ethereum ? Thanks to anyone who can help me!

Hi @Crypto_Shaman

Please note that regarding the Ethereum, the hierarchy of accounts and addresses is different from Bitcoin. Blockchain-wise (speaking of Ethereum) 1 address = 1 account thus the extended public key is not on the same hierarchical level.

Following scheme might be useful to get better understanding:

There is a tool out there called Mnemonic Code Converter that will reveal you Ethereum extended public key and also addresses derived from it however you have to export your BIP39 mnemonic phrase which is definitely not recommended as it should always be kept offline (which is basically the point of having the hw wallet).

Alternatively you can connect your device to third party wallet (such as MetaMask), export your public key and you will be offered the list of addresses derived from such key.
I am not sure what is the limit of how many addresses can be displayed this way though.

You can also use trezorctl tool to export the xpub with the following command line:

trezorctl ethereum get-public-node -n "m/44'/60'/0'/0"
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In old web, there is xpub page. easy to use. why deleted it?

you can find it in the Suite too: