How to display ETHEREUM and ERC20 public key in Trezor Suite?

I looked up and followed the instructions for viewing public keys on Trezor Suite. The advice was to click on the ‘Account’ tab next to ‘Overview’. And that worked perfectly for viewing the BTC public key.

But in the Ethereum / ERC20 wallet, the tab alongside ‘Overview’ is ‘Tokens’. There is no ‘Account’ tab there, just ‘Overview’ ‘Tokens’. Neither of these tabs offers access to view the public key, and I haven’t been able to find any other way to access it.

Ideally, I need this public key to set up tax tracking via Koinly, so help in resolving this issue would be really helpful. I did do a google search before coming here and noted another person with the same query, but they had not received an answer to the issue.

I’m probably being very dumb here and missing something really obvious, but I can’t see what. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Mush

That’s because BTC is using BIP32 - protocol that describes a general structure of [hierarchical deterministic wallet In particular, it defines how to derive private and public keys of a wallet from a binary master seed (m) and an ordered set of indices (so called BIP32 path):

m / index1 / index2 / … / indexn

The hierarchy is as follow:

On the other hand (unlike Bitcoin) Ethereum has different hierarchy and very simply put each account is represented by one unique address. That’s why you are not able to find any xpub in Trezor Suite interface.

Thanks for explaining this. I’d guessed that I was probably missing something basic but didn’t know exactly what!

So Ethereum wallets do not have public or private keys, instead they have a single address? Is this the address visible under “Receive” within Trezor?

I would also like to know. Where to find the Public address on Trezor for ERC-20 tokens. Is this your receiving address in Ethereum?

yes, it is your receive ETH address