How to delete post

Is there a way to delete or edit my post? I wrote information that is not true and that discredits the work of one company.

You can edit your post by clicking on the pencil symbol beneath your post. Deletion is done by pressing the garbage can symbol.

where is pencil icon? Can’t see it. Can you send me a pic?


dont have it -
Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 7.18.24 AM

There’s a time limit for editing your post after it’s posted and I guess that’s the reason. You can look at a recent post you made and see if it’s there. It may also be because of your user level, I don’t know, but I think all users are able to edit their own posts for a limited time. Also, click on the three dots […], if you have that option, and look for the pencil icon there.

As for deletion of messages, if you don’t have the garbage can icon available to you you’ll have to contact support for them to remove your post. Note that removing a post is not something one should normally do, but only done in special circumstances. Your reason seems to qualify though.