How to add trezor segwit legacy account to Rabby?

when I connect my trezor to rabby, I can see all the addresses I used as HW wallets, thats’ all ok. But in trezor suite I have another accounty with some funds, marked as legacy segwit account, that doesn’t appear in selection for importing to rabby. Is there a way to show it in rabby (no need to trade directly for it - I can still use suite for that).

I’m aware of the thread about different BTC accounts in Trezor, but that doesn’t answer my question clearly. All I can imagine from that is that Rabby doesn’t support that type of accounts … .which may be true, but even something else is in play …

Thank you for explanation.

Rabby is not a BTC wallet, it is only for ETH and EVM chains. o the answer to your question is you cannot add BTC account to Rabby wallet.

That makes sense.

Excuse, please, my naive question, I’m not so deep in the knowledge of blockchains. So, if I want to see it in rabby, I need to send it to some wallet address that can be seen by rabby, right? in other words, send it from BTC wallet to EVM chain, that means to one of the address that I have in trezor as HW backed wallet, right?

You can’t really “see Bitcoin in Rabby”, because Rabby has no support for Bitcoin network. And you can’t “send Bitcoin to EVM” because they are different networks and you can’t send between them.

This is, unfortunately, not a centralized exchange where every token and their grandma is just a number on a dashboard. You’re dealing with the underlying technology much more directly.

What you’re asking is kind of like if you wanted to see the value of your baseball card collection in your bank’s mobile app.

The thing you can do, of course, is to exchange your Bitcoin for some other currency (like e.g. Ethereum) that Rabby understands. Your monetary value will be visible in Rabby, but it’s no longer Bitcoin.

(As a compromise, you could go for something like Wrapped Bitcoin, which is “tokenized bitcoin”. It’s kind of like an IOU for BTC: you exchange your bitcoins for some other token, and the issuer promises you to give you back real BTC 1 to 1 if you ever want it. It’s of course up to you and your own research as to how trustworthy this promise really is.)

all clear, thank you.