How to act after hacking attack with checking hidden accounts?

Dear community,
I got hacked and the hackers have my 12er seed and my PIN.
My standard wallet is already emptied from them.
I don t know if they hacked my passphrase for my hidden account.
I don t have the courage to have a look because in that moment the hidden wallet would be open.
What to do in general

  • to get back control and to get the hackers out of my wallet
  • to get access to my hidden wallet without taking the risk that send away my funds?

that is really not how it works…just have a look

if they have your passphrase they already stole the funds, so does not matter.

Go to hidden wallet, send your funds elswehre, then factory reset Trezor and create new seed, then send the funds to this new wallet.

Hello Forgi,
thanks a lot for your answer and I recognized you already as one of the super supportitive team members in conversations of others in need.

Well, what is difficult for me to understand:
The hackers don t have my passphrase. I did not give it to them.
But if I have a look into my hidden wallet, does it mean that the hackers can see that on their end as well ? Since it is open in that moment ? Can they transfer out the funds?

My other worry is if they have a passphrase hacker software … can they try to guess the password with that?

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then your coins are safe.

No, they cannot.

No, they cannot. (unless your passphrase is super simple)

Dear Team,
case is solved. I could try out everthing from hidden wallets. So the point for other users. Only put a small fraction of you Tokens to the open Standard account and put most of the stuff to 2 or 3 hidden accounts. But be carefull to understand the passphrase stuff !!
Thanks a lot and Good by