How to access a Ropsten Testnet transaction. For VERI Fairfund confirmation

Hi, Confirming VERI for Fairfund claim.
The way it works requires the 3rd party administrator to send an ERC-20 token (VRCT) to the VERI Wallet address. Then the claimant (me) has to send the VRCT token back to the original sending address to confirm control of the Wallet address. This all takes place on the Ropsten Testnet .Seems simple.

VERI is on Trezor. Transfer of VRCT token is confirmed in Etherscan. Receiving address is correct. No VRCT token appears in the list on Trezor for the wallet address that received it. What am I missing?
Is there an easy way to see when another ERC-20 Token- in this case- VRCT has been deposited to the T Eth Wallet?


If I follow correctly, then adding this token manually by copy-pasting its contract address should address the problem.

In Trezor Suite, add a custom token by going to your Ethereum account, clicking on the drop-down ellipsis and selecting ‘Add token’. Copy and paste the ERC20 token address into the field and click to confirm.

Add a token by going to the three dot menu in your Ethereum account. Contract address is available from Etherscan 0xa9210880dc4bde3871243949029c45beecc99cb8

Double check the Token Contract Address to verify that you are interacting with the intended token contract.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I am unable to perceive progress from your suggestions.

I opened my Trezor Suite, selected my ETH account, dropped down the menu at the … and found the Add Token. So far so good.

I have tried every permutation of the token address’s I can locate. None of these work, they all result in the same failed message.

I will list the addresses here.

The original address where the coins are stored: 0x4343E402b4bec1Ba579289ac7f512C216BDEB2d7

0x4343E402b4bec1Ba579289ac7f512C216BDEB2d7 0.160256 0x1c024809382B1b6753709c0D020c9F5675C7b2D6
0xe03c23519e18D64F144d2800E30E81B0065C48B5 0.126812 0x1c024809382B1b6753709c0D020c9F5675C7b2D6

All of these options so far lead to the same result:

The second suggestion was to confirm the Token Contract Address using Etherscan. I have tried some of these addresses in Etherscan. They do populate something although I cannot decipher what I am to use.

How can one recognize a “Contract Address”

From a “Wallet Address”

From a “Transaction Txn” ?

The goal here is to CONFIRM a small amount of VRCT that has somehow been placed in association with the VERI account on my T unit.

Not sure how that works here however to verify the VERI account I have, I am tasked with sending the amounts BACK to the sending address.

I have been at this for parts of 5 days and seem no further along than when I started. Can you assist?

I have provided ALL of the addresses and numbers I have been given.

Can you deduce precisely WHAT Contract Numbers I am to add as Token addresses to Populate the VRCT Token Accounts in the Trezor Suite so I can then send them back?

Thanks in advance, Richard

Did you get this to work? How do I export the file to metamask?