How do I view my MATIC toekn balance on trezor suite, need help

Currently I have some MATIC on the polygon network I transferred it to my new hardware wallet account on metamask, I however noticed my MATIC token only appears on metamask and not trezor suite.

Is the only way to move it to my trezor is to bridge to the Ethereum main net and send it to my ETH wallet? I wanna see my balance on the trezor app as well.

your tokens are on your Trezor (to be specific, on the address that is derived from your Trezor seed). The reason why you can’t see it in Trezor Suite is the limit of the interface.

In order to see your tokens (and be able to send them), connect your Trezor to any compatible interface, such as Metamask, Rabby, MEW, MyCrypto, Exodus…