How do I get in contact regarding a bereavement?

Someone I know had an account with Trezor and has died unexpectedly. How do I go about claiming the funds for their estate?

Trezor is a self-custody solution, meaning that the person did not have “an account with Trezor”, and Trezor Company can not assist in terms of the bereavement, except by providing customer support and point to the relevant documentation.

If you have the Trezor device and its PIN code in possession, you can just connect it to a computer and Trezor Suite, and you will be in full control of the funds, the same way you would, e.g., handle a wallet with money in it. In some cases it might be necessary to connect to 3rd party software to access some of the assets – consult any instructions that might have been left behind.

If you do not have Trezor or the PIN code, you want to look for a seed phrase backup, which is usually a sequence of 12 or 24 words from this list. You can “recover” this seed phrase into the Trezor or any other BIP-39 compatible wallet, at which point, you are again in full control of the assets.

In either case, it is possible that you also need to find a “passphrase”, which is a word, phrase, or any sequence of at most 50 characters. You would need to input this passphrase to unlock a hidden wallet which may also contain assets.