How do I double check my seed phrase?

How do I double check that the seed phrase (or pass phrase) is written down correctly?

specifically, I want Trezor to show me my passphrase.

you should do it when you first set it .

This is what to do :

  1. set your trezor , write 24 word down
  2. get into your standard wallet , copy the btc first receive adress to a txt file
  3. wipe it and restore your wallet use advanced recovery . This may take you 15-20 minutes
  4. When your trezor is restored , get into your standard wallet copy the btc first receive adress to that txt file. If the two adresses are the same . You have your 24 words right to do next
  5. Write a few more received 24 seeds . Put them into more than two houses .
  6. Open your Passphrase Option. Write down the phrase more than one copy and put them into a different room in the house where you put your received 24 seeds.

Then you can use your wallet !

I set up the seed phrase but I lost it. I can still connect to my Trezor through my computer as I remember I know the passcode on my device and my password for my hidden wallet.

I want Trezor to show me my seed phrase so that I can write it down again. I saw on older YT vids that you could reveal the seed phrase. But, on the newest version of Trezor I don’t see how to reveal my seed phrase. How do I reveal my seedphrase?

you can see this

the part “You have lost your recovery seed”

The setting of being able to view your own recovery seed at any time is very insecure, and now basically most wallets are only displayed when the wallet is created for the first time. So you must save the recovered seeds, and don’t just save one copy!

Hi @flowstate,

There’s a Recovery seed and Passphrase, no seed phrase, so I guess you’re asking about your Recovery seed. You can check this with Trezor Suite. It is called a Dry-run.

Passphrase is impossible to check, other than try it. If you don’t remember it and didn’t write it down anywhere, there’s no way to restore a Hidden wallet. But did you create a Hidden wallet with a Passphrase? If not, you only have a Standard wallet, which use no Passphrase.

@Petosiris he lost his Recovery seed

Did he? I’m not so sure.

I’m sure
Because he lost the recovery seed, he hopes trezor can show it again so that he can write it down again.


These forums are about helping people with problems, not argue among ourselves about what a person said or didn’t say. Please stop that. I answered his original post, which wasn’t very clear, and so did you. He should have his answer then.

do you have other idea about his situation ? Other then using new wallet .
please give some help . I don’t know other solutions.

In case of a lost seed, this procedure should be followed:
The only solution is sending the coins elsewhere, wiping Trezor and creating a new wallet to which the crypto can be transferred back.