How do I claim BTG from a BTC wallet created before the split?

In a BTC wallet created before the BTG split, I have a few BTG left which I want to claim. I have moved my BTC to another wallet. What is the easiest way to claim my BTG? They don’t seem to show up automatically.



Hi @cg2q ,
if you have held bitcoins on addresses generated by your seed before block #491407 (before 2017-10-24), you automatically got BTG in a 1:1 ratio to bitcoin balance on the same address (e.g., if you had 0.25 BTG on an address “x” at the time of the fork, there is now 0.25 BTC and 0.25 BTG after the fork).

Unfortunately, there is currently no advanced Bitcoin Gold application compatible with the Trezor device. ElectrumG application needs to add integration with the Trezor device first.

You can claim the tokens by exporting your private keys into a third-party application usable for Bitcoin Gold. I do not recommend this option since you compromise your private keys by that. If you decide to do so, please move all your tokens to a different recovery seed first.

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