How Can I use Sepolia Testnet with Trezor?

I can’t use Sepolia Testnet with my trezor in metamask wallet. Everytime I try use the transaction doesnt finished or the transaction fails. How Can I solve this ?

Hi! Before the transaction, go to Settings, then Device, flip down to the “Safety checks” section change to the Prompt. After the transaction is complete, I recommend to turn everything back, as non-standard transactions are not secure.

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Hi @fagundeslr and @menaskop,

Safety checks need to be set to “Prompt” only if you want to send coins between ETH addresses derived from different derivation paths (for example from ETH testnet to ETH mainnet).

If you want to send coins from ETH testnet to ETH testnet (or ETH mainnet to ETH mainnet), the Safety checks can stay on “Strict”.

It means that before you access the desired ETH testnet, you need to connect the proper ETH testnet address to your MetaMask. General information on how to connect Trezor device to MetaMask can be found at In order to connect the ETH testnet address you need to change the derivation path to “Trezor Testnets” in the step “Select an account”:

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