How can i access the old suite and acc without the seed phrase

I have a question i really need help, im using my trezor even without my seed phrase i misplaced it . It working properly and ok , until the trezor suit requires to update after i updated the trezor suite and backup it requires me to setup again. So i tried to setup again . After putting the seed which i mistakenly put my ronin seed to the trezor . The signing of transactions are not working now .

Is there a possibility i can regain back the older suite without the seed phrase of my trezor ?

Hello @jhansen28,

If you do not see your coins and there are no unauthorized transactions, it’s likely that you are checking different wallet.

To find a correct wallet, you need to use the same combination of recovery seed (12 or 24 words) + passphrase as was used in the past.

Your situation is fully described in this guide and I advice you to perform all steps one by one:

Is there any chance i could access it without my missing seed phrase? That’s is my problem right now because i can’t find my seed phrase .

However i can acces it lately not until i accidentally putting my other seed phrase on it after update. Now i can:t access it .

To access the hidden wallet that you created, you need to enter exactly the same passphrase.
There is no other way to enter the hidden wallet.

Basically, when you enable the passphrase feature, you can create wallets that are protected by the text you type in the passphrase dialogue (window).

You can create several passphrase protected wallets (1 unique passphrase = 1 wallet). The original passphrase-less wallet can be always accessed by clicking Standard wallet in Suite.

This is really an advanced feature and passphrases must be used carefully. Each passphrase needs to be typed precisely, by “mistyping” the passphrase you will create a new passphrase wallet.

For example, if you choose the passphrase “sea”, this wallet can be accessed only when “sea” is typed in; if you mistype the word and type for example, “see” then you will create a new wallet under the passphrase “see” that is different from the one protected by the passphrase “sea” (same with “Sea” or “SEE” etc. - The passphrase is case sensitive).

NOTE: Don’t use these words, these are just examples.

  1. Please check all possible variations for the possible typo (A passphrase’s length can be 50 characters max, it is case-sensitive and all ASCII characters count - even an empty space is a character)
  2. Make sure that you have set the correct keyboard layout
  3. When typing the passphrase please click on “Show passphrase (eye icon)” so you can see what you’re actually typing

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