Hidden Wallet with extremely long passphrase (65+ characters)


I was hoping to get some answers here.

My situation:
I tried access my Hidden Wallet on my Tresor. I have a ridiculous long passphrase written down on a piece of paper. This was back in the days and I made a really long passphrase, because I was really vigilant when I started my crypto journey.

My problem:
It’s not possible (anymore?) to put in a passphrase that is longer than 49/50 characters. So it’s impossible to access my Hidden Wallet at the moment. There is a really significant amount of funds on that Hidden Wallet, especially now in this bull run.

My question:

  1. @ what point/update did the Trezor Suite lose the ability to put in 65+ characters?
  2. Is there any way I could downgrade my Trezor Suite to get back that ability?
  3. Does the Trezor team has the opportunity to help me with this problem?
  4. Are there any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Update: I looked it up and it was created back in 2021 and the passphrase for the Hidden Wallet was last used @ December 2021.

As I understand it, the BIP39 standard allows a passphrase to be 256 characters long. Limiting this to 50 ASCII characters in the Trezor version is pretty ridiculous. It excludes Trezor from the list of Bitcoin-compatible devices and this should be written in bold and capital letters on each and every Trezor sold.

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@Brain-Shake please see here:

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Thanks @forgi this makes perfect sense.

I have a Model One, so there is no way I could made a passphrase that is longer than 50 characters… Even tho I thought I made it as long as a 12 word seed phrase.

This was my first hardware wallet experience and I tried to make a passphrase out of my seed phrase. I typed my seed over and over again as my passphrase to approve every transaction (this is the reason why I was 99,9% sure that I used a really long 65+ passphrase). When it finally annoyed me (to type that ridiculously long passphrase), I began learning about the Hidden Wallet purpose and pitfalls. A few moments later I understood the ‘13th of 25th seed word’ principle. And that it is an extra layer of security and no need to make the passphrase extremely long.

So basically, there could be 3 conclusions:

  1. I made a hidden Wallet with a big part of my seed, but not my complete seed (I already tried a lot of combinations, variations and typos, but without luck).
  2. There is a firmware of suite or combination that allowed me to make a 65+ passphrase on the Model One (not yet discovered)
  3. I made a hidden Wallet with a (completely new) passphrase that I simply cannot recall and not written down.
  1. Yes, people confuse seed with passphrase so it is possible. From your description most likely.

  2. No. Model One did not support more then 50 characters

  3. Yes, also possible.