HEX and PLS tokens

Hello everyone,

please, could you give me a good advice?
I am planning to buy HEX and PLS, but. I know, I can buy it only through some decentralised channels (bridges?), such as Uniswap or Pulsechain Bridge. But, when I finally am able to send my money from metamask somewhere where I convert ethereum into something else so I can buy hex and PLS, how can I get it to trezor? And will I see the money = HEX and PLS in trezor? Thanks for explanation.


Hi @Tereza740,

There are three types of HEX mentioned in the Supported Coins list:

HEX (PulseChain) (HEX)

The first one is an ERC-20 token and is supported by both Trezor devices and Trezor Suite. Is HEX (HEX) the one you want to buy? The latter two are not supported.

As for PLS, there are three different types supported by both Trezor devices:

PlutusDAO (PLS)
iPulse (PLS)
PulseChain (PLS)

I don’t know which of these you’re buying but the first one is not supported by Trezor Suite, so you must use a 3rd party wallet to interact with it, while the latter two are supported by Trezor Suite.

Since you express a wish to learn in your forum profile, I’d like to mention that it’s always nice if you’re specific about which coins or tokens your’re interested in, the next time around, so we don’t have to guess and list all candidates.

When you want to buy a coin or token through a swap site like Uniswap, you need to –

  1. Open your wallet in Trezor Suite and select the account where you want to store the new coins. This account should also contain the payment coin (ie. USDT) for the swap operation.
  2. Connect your Trezor device to MetaMask
  3. Choose the correct transfer network in MetaMask
  4. Then connect to Metamask from Uniswap (not the other way around) and perform the swap operation

See if this post can help you further. It talks about SHIB but the swap principle is the same with other coins. Then come back here if you have further questions:

NOTE: A swap operation like this is fairly straight forward, if you know what you do, but it’s not a simple operation. It requires some understanding of the different tools involved first. Therefore it’s adviced that you learn about both MetaMask and Uniswap, in addition to the Trezor device you use and Trezor Suite software, before attempting the swap.

Hi @Tereza740 and @Petosiris,

I would like to clarify that HEX ETHW (HEX) and HEX (PulseChain) (HEX) are also supported. However, not natively in Trezor Suite. A 3rd party app needs to be used to manage these tokens (for example MetaMask).

HEX ETHW (HEX) is token on ETHW network which is EVM and can be added to MetaMask. Information on how to do it can be found at How to add ETHW to MetaMask?

After ETHW network is added, HEX (ETHW) needs to be imported by selecting “+ Import tokens”:

and pasting the contract address of the HEX (ETHW) token in the “Token contract address” field. The contract address of HEX (ETHW) is 0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39

HEX (PulseChain) (HEX) is token on the PulseChain network. The process is almost the same, this time you need to add the PulseChain network to MetaMask. This network can be found and added via chainlist.org where you need to find “PulseChain” and select “Add to MetaMask” then “Approve” and “Switch network”.

In the next step, you once again need to import the HEX (PulseChain) token by selecting “+ Import tokens” and pasting the contract address of the HEX (PulseChain) token which is again 0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39

Also, PlutusDAO (PLS), iPulse (PLS), PulseChain (PLS) are not supported natively in Trezor Suite, these are also tokens on EVM.

PlutusDAO (PLS) is a token on the Arbitrum network. Contract address is 0x51318b7d00db7acc4026c88c3952b66278b6a67f

iPulse (PLS) is a token on the BNB Smart Chain. Contract address is 0x2659cb928f6f705c1e574464361882fd6e92e1f9

PulseChain (PLS) is a native token on the PulseChain network. There is no need to import it.

The information on our coin list wasn’t accurate, sorry for the confusion @Petosiris and @Tereza740,
it’s already been clarified there.

I wish someone was in charge of keeping the Supported Coins list updated at all times. This is the second time in a few days this list has been wrong and it’s embarrasing for anyone trying to help people here when we give bad advice! You’ll just risk we’ll quit helping in frustration and embarrasment.

Since the PM function doesn’t work and I have no other way of contacting staff, this does unfortunately have to be posted in public.

Once again, we are very sorry for the confusion @Petosiris, we are working on keeping the coin list accurate.

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That’s nice @radekP. And the PM function, is that coming back soon?

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