Help Please. My Theta address has disappeared on my Trezor via Theta wallet

Hello, I would be so grateful for some advice.
I have had no problem using Trezor to store my Theta/TFuel on via my Theta Wallet but hadn’t accessed it for about 3 months. When I signed in the usual address I use was no longer showing on my Trezor via Theta wallet. I have tried everything to work out what has happened.

I eventually read that Theta has teamed up with Metamask so as I have already paired my Trezor with MM I thought I would have a look. It showed that my TFuel was under the correct address with Trezor but as they don’t support Theta yet I still can’t find the Theta tokens.

I have emailed Theta so many times over 6 weeks and no help yet. I have checked and all the coins are on the explorer transaction page but I can not find the correct address anywhere on Trezor via Theta Wallet, Myetherwallet. I read something similar with someone else but have no idea what to do.

I would be so grateful for any advice as I must be doing something wrong and I need someone to talk me through it.
Thank you

you need to use if you do not see correct address there you are using wrong passphrase or have wrong seed on Trezor.

Thank you so much. Please could you explain what you mean by having the wrong seed on Trezor? I only have one passphrase

There is seed (12 or 24 words) and Passphrase for creating hidden wallets, if you did not do any recovery using the seed then you are using wrong passphrase.

May I explain what happened please briefly

How do I create another passphrase