Help! my btc was transferred to another address without my consent

I hope this is some kind of glitch, but a few days ago my btc from my trezor was transferred to another address. I owned almost 1 btc and had them in 2 accounts on my trezor (I think it’s a trezor one). both where moved the exact same day and time and to the same address. Any idea what could have happened?

FYI: to my knowledge I don’t believe anyone has seen my recovery seed or has access to my trezor.

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Oh dear that sounds bad…
was the seed created fresh on the trezor?
or was it a re-used seed from somewhere else?
did you ever input the seed on a keyboard, photograph the seed or anything?
Has anyone had access to the written down seed or the trezor device?

I take it the address the BTC went to, you have no access to that?
It’s not an address linked to the trezor xpub ?

@jb77 Very sorry for your loss. That’s a lot to lose. Could you please keep us posted so we might find out how this happened and how to prevent it moving forward? Did you use a passphrase (Secret Wallet)? Very concerning BOTH your wallets were attacked at the same time.