HELP! How to send MANA in Huobi to Trezor One wallet?

Hi, I am new to the crypto world.

Now, I purchased some MANA, but I do not know how to send it from my Huobi Global account to my Trezor One wallet.

Could someone let me know how to send MANA from my Huobi Global account to my Trezor One?


if you want to send Decentraland MANA (MANA) ERC20 to your trezor ,do this
Open the eth wallet in the suite, add mana to the token, and use the eth receiving address as the receiving address.
Select the erc20 network on huobi and send it to this receiving address.

Before you send coins, it is recommended that you be familiar with the various usage methods of the wallet and have multiple backups and safe storage of mnemonic words and passphrases.

How can I add mana to MANA token? What is MANA ERC20 token address?

How can I add mana to token? What is MANA ERC20 token address?

find it here

I have entered this website, but I still don’t know how to find the MANA ERC20 token address,Is the ERC20 token address fixed?

As shown in the figure, is the red circle MANA ERC20 token address?


add this to your eth wallet

just search the name in the web

Why the address in the red circle is wrong?

your picture is another token ,no mana

as the picture shows, I entered the MANA keyword in the search bar of the website, and the option box came out, why did you say is another token, no mana

It seems that the mana you searched for is the mana you want

The address in the red circle is the MANA contract address. DO NOT send your coins there. If you want the deposit address for your MANA on your Trezor, it is your Ethereum (ETH) address because MANA is ERC20.

Be careful to only transmit using the Ethereum blockchain/network when going from an ETH address to another ETH address. Many people are sending their ERC20 tokens to an address on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, trying to save from paying stupidly high ETH fees. But if you do that, you will likely lose your coins.

You are showing wrapped MANA (wMANA), not MANA.