Has device been tampered with?

I received my Model T today, however the cellophane wrapping was split along its length, as the picture shows. Also, the screen of the device had a hair on it. Is this cause for concern?

Follow the user manual to initialize the device, if you see the picture “Begin settings” followed by: Firmware not installed
Then you can rest assured that your device has no security risks.

Hi @Jay

Trezor model T has the holographic seal over the usb port of the actual device. So please go ahead and open the package to see if the seal is intact.

As long as it is the device is definitely legit and safe to use.

Apart from the physical tamper-evident hologram, our devices also use software safeguards against tampering. The device firmware and bootloader are signed by SatoshiLabs, and these signatures are checked whenever you start the device. The Trezor device will warn you if the signatures are invalid.

Most important, we dispatch all of our devices without preinstalled firmware. Therefore your can conveniently check that there isn’t any preinstalled malicious firmware.