Hackers compromising information

I have bought a tezor hard wallet from this site in the past. I just found out about the data breach. I did not click on anything either for the trezor.us email or even the trezor.io email, as I know unless you look at further at details of the email it is possible to even spoof a real site.

So if I did not click on anything, is my cryptocurrency safe on my device? I guess it is safe to say since I got the trezor.us phishing attempt, they have my email and maybe other info about me. Can you let me know the consequences of this even though I did not lose any crypto or my device was not comprimised. What should I do if anything in response? Thanks.

Hi @jsun

Yes, if you have not entered your recovery seed to the phishing app, then your funds are absolutely safe and you can carry on using the same seed/wallet.

We will not be using Mailchimp any more, except to share details with the affected users.

We will begin migrating to a new mailing platform once we have thoroughly assessed other options for compliance and data security. As we have seen in recent years, phishing is a threat not just to consumers but also to companies.

That said, it is inexcusable to hide the fact that customer data was attacked until being called out, and we are disappointed by Mailchimp’s slow cooperation in the investigation.

Also, please avoid clicking on any links in suspicious emails, and never ever enter your seed into a computer without your Trezor device telling you to do so.

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